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The world’s need for energy is growing every day.
REC offers products and solutions which meet that need, as well as delivering both profitability and energy independence.


Whether you're a homeowner seeking to lower your energy bills, a business looking to take advantage of renewable energy,
or a power plant investor wanting the maximum output for your investment,
REC's combination of industry-leading solar panels and innovative solutions are the answer.

For my home

For my home

Unless you own an enormous property, your main concern when looking to go solar will be "How do I get the most amount of energy from the limited space available on my rooftop?" REC solar panels with their innovative technology deliver the maximum output per m2. Plus, they look great too.
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For my business

Reliability and effort involved are both issues for business owners looking to supplement their energy sources through solar. Let us give you peace of mind with our range of best in class products and long-term solutions that suit every commercial application.

For power plants

As a utilities owner, your main priority will be to achieve a maximum return on investment. Reliability, servicing, output and degradation will all influence your decision who to partner with. As the largest European brand of solar panels, our commitment to quality is second to none.
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For PV manufacturers

Are you a manufacturer of solar PV panels looking to source upstream material from a reliable and reputable brand? REC makes some of the world's best solar panels and we want to help you do the same. Explore our high quality, high efficiency, and low carbon footprint products for use in PN panel maufacturing. 

Go solar with REC

Contact your local REC sales office or find an REC-certified solar installer near you
to learn more about what REC products and solutions can do for you


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